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The Devils We Know

by Ben Crystal 

In 2008, the Republicans offered Senator John McCain in retort to the insult which is Obama. Despite slight mitigation in the form of Governor Sarah Palin’s presence on the ticket, the Republicans failed to offer anything more than Obama-lite, and the electorate responded with the same lack of enthusiasm the Republicans displayed in choosing McCain in the first place. By 2010, the GOP seemed to have developed an understanding of the disdain Americans show toward those who threaten liberty in the name of some twisted and/or stupid concept of the greater good. Unfortunately, the lesson clearly didn’t stick.

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Braynstorms Note:
The clear answer is that the GOP didn’t really learn anything from 2010 and neither did the voters. The GOP did what parties do – they lied to get elected. The voters believed the lies. What’s that saying about once bitten twice shy? Apparently it doesn’t apply in politics.