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What’s Missing in the GOP 2012 Race

Why We Aren’t Satisfied

I have spent time in prayer and meditation this weekend and it is clear to me now what the message needs to be. The details of how is policy. We will never get to the how if we don’t establish the point of agreement on philosophy.

The message of the 2012 campaign should be simple.

“Our economic, fiscal, and monetary system is immoral. It abandoned capitalism and freedom over a century ago. It is the cause of our ills and is preventing us from affording defense of freedom. It is being used against us by radical Islam and Communist nations like China, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. Their common enemy is freedom. Their goal is our economic demise followed by a military invasion and ultimately death to all who love freedom.

The solution is clear:

Freedom allows creativity.
Creativity brings innovation.
Innovation creates new production.
Production generates wealth.
Wealth affords security.
Security protects freedom.

The Constitution was intended to preserve the freedom that would fund its defense.

Any candidate for office – regardless of party affiliation – who does not get this, does not deserve your vote.”

The problem is that some of the candidates want to discount the threat of Islam and Communism, while arguing the immorality of the banking system. Others want to discount the immorality of the banking system and only address the threats of Islam and Communism thru military force. Still others want to decry the immorality of the rich without clearly articulating the issue is not the wealth, but that they didn’t earn the wealth – they stole it through money manipulation while they also declare we need to “work with” our enemies. Still others are rallying for grandiose ideas that we can not afford and will never afford if we don’t return to freedom. And finally, still others want to stick their head in the sand and party like its 1999. The enemy has hedged their bets. First and foremost, they are counting on us reacting to them rather than restoring what is right, moral and just. It isn’t that we are looking for a perfect man to run, it is that none of these have correctly articulated the philosophy that I stated above.

Decentralization Equals Freedom AND Security

I posted this on facebook and received an interesting question. I took it to be sincerely asking as if to say – what we have isn’t working. But how would this work?

“A decentralized government is not only optimum for freedom, it is also the most secure.”

Q: How would that work then Mark?

So – here was my answer.

First and foremost – control of the natural resources should be retained at the most local level possible. The food supplies and land should be least regulated by the federal government. Food, water, and energy should controlled at the most local level possible. This allows state and communities to build up reserves for security for their people first. It promotes community and responsibility.

Second – sound money enables proper commerce by enabling markets to behave in a more of a fluid natural fashion rather than the ups and downs on central control.

Third – Taxation at the local level for local services offers best control. The only few items for federal taxation should be defense (navy/air force/space), judicial system for interstate disputes, minimum regulation for interstate commerce, and payment of the legislators.

Large corporations which have control over energy, food, water, and the money system are just as dangerous to a free society as any standing army. Centralized federal government wrestling it from the corporations is no more safe.

So – how does it look? Local merchants with local producers and a national and international supply chain grid. This only works with a money system that is sound and does not allow for inflation, speculation, and money changing (i.e. manipulation of markets merely to profit off a changing value based on short term shifts in supply or demand). Read the book “Secret Weapon” by Kevin Freeman. He demonstrates that the enemies of America – namely radical Islam and China – are manipulating the markets to drive our economy down while they profit. The very system of usury and manipulation that they decry as western, they have embraced to use against us to bring us down.

The irony is that going to traditional war through trade and violence will cause our demise exactly as they have planned. However, abandoning the system that they decry is our salvation from their manipulation. It makes us sound again, free again, and the leader again. And it causes their economies to collapse. So – what does it take to convince Americans that the method to win this war is to accept and adopt moral precepts of open markets, sound money, and decentralized government?

Compare to the human body. It is a simple system, yet complex. But much of its regulation is natural through involuntary actions by the body. Conscious thought is not required for most of our normal functions. So – how can we model government after nature – specifically the human body? Would it not be mostly decentralized accept for defense from hostile forces large enough for destruction?

Roundtable with Will Anderson, Dr. Patrick Lappert, and Yours Truly

Asia’s Space Race and Iran’s Nukes – The Beginning of the American Epitaph?

While we are distracted with middle eastern politics and the policies of imperialism (by the way – the cause of the decline of all great empires), the greatest threat to freedom, namely communism, is slowly and steadily rising in the far east. With it are many others who wish to be space fairing. Our decline and our demise are by choice. We are not victims of anything more than our own self delusion – a belief that we did not need to teach our descendants how we achieved global superiority. In our own pride and hubris, we began to believe that we were entitled to our greatness and abandoned the very behavior and core beliefs that made us great.

In this article from The Space Review, Jeff Foust reviews a book by James Moltz discussing the emergence of a space race entirely different from the cold war race between the Soviets and the US. The leader of the pack is indeed the perfect corporation – a monopoly of governance. The resources are controlled by central planning and no competition truly exists within its borders. For the time being, they own the trade deficit and the control of the US debt. They are wisely using that debt and our consumerism to build their space program and their military systems. All the while, they are befriending our supposed enemies in the middle east and arming them with their technology. Completely bankrupt, we are again debating another war, another invasion, onto soil of another middle eastern country. There are over 1 billion people in China and India respectively and over 1 billion Muslims on this planet – competing for resources that the western world socialists want to control through regulation. There is no reason on paper to believe that America will remain the global leader. That fear is bringing rise to irrationality.

However, we need not mourn our demise. We need not declare defeat. The greatest nation that ever existed is made of the greatest people – because we believe in freedom above all else. We believe in redemption. When we reject the politics of fear and embrace freedom and liberty, we will prosper. When we reject evil and embrace God above, we will prosper. When we collectively choose to abandon policies of iniquity and inequality, we shall be blessed. This is not about religious doctrine, but about natural laws. When a person jumps from a skyscraper without a chute to a concrete surface below, we know the outcome. So it is when a country embraces imperialism, money changing, and nationalism. The people feel a high as long as the country remains in control of its enemies. But oppression is not endured long by a human race free to communicate to one another. When the oppressor or the oppressed are enlightened to the situation, the Spirit moves. When they are emboldened to name it, the Spirit moves. When even a glimpse of freedom is seen by the oppressed, their heart naturally longs for it. The people of this country – the real United States – are stirring once more. They have longed for political solutions to their observed grievances much like the colonists of the 18th century. That movement is the stirring of our souls. That spiritual conflict is a direct result of THIS generation coming of age as our forefathers have done before. Freedom is only achieved and maintained at the high price of personal diligence. That diligence is two fold – recognizing both external and internal threats to liberty.

We must be like Joshua and Caleb who did not see the strength and agility of their enemies, but rather the abundance that lied before them as promised by their Creator. Your job is to elect men and women at every level of government who see the promise, understand the path, and will move accordingly. But our promise is not the conquering of another land. Instead, it is the re-establishment of our principles which are right and just.

Before we can reclaim that which we feel is slipping away, we must recall the principles of our government. Namely, government exists not for efficiency of services or to promise prosperity. Rather, government only exists to protect the freedoms of its citizens endowed by God alone. For that to be true, it has to be a moral government filled with moral men and women. The United States did not choose to be great, they chose to be free and greatness followed. Prosperity is the effect, freedom is the cause.