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When Krauthammer Defends Boehner…

then the true character is known…

In this special report, Charles says,

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Chuck Schumer wants a shutdown. He’s lusting after a shutdown. He has been talking about it for weeks and weeks.

WALLACE: We should explain that he is in the Senate Democratic leadership.

KRAUTHAMMER: Because he thinks it will redound against the Republicans, and I think he’s absolutely right. And you can see it in the speaker of the House, Boehner. He does not want it. He’s trying to do everything he can to actually avert it. He’s speaking with moderate Democrats hoping he will have enough to pass a compromise.

And the reason I think is, even if it is a pox on both Houses, it’s the Republicans who won the last election, who have the mandate or the ones who have said we’ve been empowered by an overwhelming majority of Americans in the vote in November to do something. And that’s why the budget, I think, as Bill indicates, the Ryan budget for next year and the future is what is important.

Krauthammer is wrong…even Ryan is wrongly trying to reform social security so that it will be there when I retire. I don’t want it to be there – I want it to be phased out – ended. It was a bad idea and it is time we bring it to a sane end – or it will end insanely.

Tea Party Becoming Unfavored…

This commentary points that the tea party is losing favor. I won’t dispute the numbers. I will, however, challenge the conclusion that is quickly drawn. The loss in popularity is not because of its foundational principles. Rather it is because the tea party has proven ineffective in achieving the results they promised.

Here is the irony. The Democrat Party becomes unpopular when it achieves its goals. The Republican Party becomes unpopular when it betrays its goals. The Tea Party is unpopular because it hasn’t even clearly stated its goals. The people know they don’t want status quo, but they don’t want radical change. What they want…is a ReFoundation.

Look to your left…

China Will Surpass America

The intent is not to monger fear, it is to send the message to kick ourselves in the posterior. We will be passed by the Chinese. It will happen. The question is whether or not we are going to let it be permanent.

Read the whole story here.

Here is a disturbing chart:

Is Budget Cutting Just Smoke and Mirrors?

Here is an interesting quote…

A shutdown would force thousands of layoffs and rattle financial markets, though “essential services” like the military would keep functioning.

The most important point in this story is that the actual savings this year will only amount to $9 billion. I hope that is wrong, but the news is the only place we have to find these estimates. Our representatives certainly aren’t providing us their analysis.

That’s because many programs use money from previous years. The Republican plan would lead to reduced government spending down the road but it would only lead to a spending reduction of $9 billion this year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

NASA Goals and Objectives Confusion

Is it any wonder that there is confusion among the NASA and contractor ranks, much less the public?

” Mr. Bolden explained that he does not think that the 130 metric ton lift capability prescribed in the law is necessary today and is not sure the agency can do it. “

The shuttle can carry 25 metric tonnes to Low Earth Orbit. Ares I was meant to replace that capability. Ares V was meant to haul 180 metric tonnes to LEO and was deemed the minimum necessary to go to the moon with resources to build a moon base. Now we can’t even build a 130 metric ton capable rocket and it isn’t even necessary. Furthermore, we could still go the moon by 2020 if we wanted to – hunh?

Just to make sure we are clear – Saturn V – Apollo – was capable of 118 metric tonnes – the very minimum necessary to go to the moon and back.

Note to Representative Hall from the prior post – the battle and war have already been lost. It is time to let the private sector see what it can accomplish.